DUI Counseling Center is a licensed treatment center by the state of Illinois and DASA (Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse).



Our treatment center is staffed by diverse and experienced counselors whose objective is to make a positive impact. We endeavor to collaborate with and provide assistance to our clients in order to achieve constructive and favorable results.


We are here to assist you if you are in need of an alcohol and drug evaluation, are court-mandated to complete a substance abuse treatment or risk education program, need to reinstate your driving license after a Secretary of State revocation, or feel that you need help for your substance abuse problems. Do not hesitate to call us and schedule a consultation with a professional counselor.


Office Telephone Numbers:                                         DUI Counseling Center, INC.

773-489-5200                                 4701 N Cumberland St. 28

708-456-5140                                        Norridge, IL 60706